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Join Sugar VR

Sales Specialist

Build Customers

We are looking for Talented Passionate people to Join our sales team. As a sales specialist you will be responsible to create leads in Major Industry and startups. 

Product Manager


As a Product manager, you will be responsible for interactive product development and keeping a sync with IT and Sales team

Social Media Manager

All Platforms

As a social media manager , you will be responsible for Sugar VR media marketing on social channels and build our brand globally. So we can serve our clients and add value.

Fullstack developer

HTML5/ Python , JAVA / PHP

As a Full stack developer you will be responsible for Web based app/platform for our product. you will manage the work of development ,databases, cloud services.


Data Scientist

Data & AI

As a Data Scientist you will be working with IT team to keep up with Data & analytics demand.

Corbin Donnelly
Vanessa Carson
Kya Rawlings
Joan McGowan
Erin Wells
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